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Senior Quik Mail Features:
  • No Typing Required
  • One Touch Instant Messages
  • Delivered to Caregiver's Email Inbox
  • Most Popular Canned Messages
  • Voice Record A Custom Message
  • No Email App Required For Senior
  • Unlimited Usage and Bandwidth
  • No Monthly Subscription Fees

    Only $19.95 One-Time Setup
    ($29.95 When Purchased Later)

    (Your Senior Quik Mail can also be sent from any desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.)

    Required Setup Information
    Caregiver/Family Member Name:
    * Caregiver/Family Member Email Address:
    * Required

    Bundled Price - ONLY $19.95!
    (Will be installed and shipped with your
    Senior Touch Pad Tablet order.)

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        Busy family members who care for seniors who live alone or in assisted living conditions are comforted by those brief messages a few times a day that let them know what and how the senior is doing and what they may need to make their life more comfortable.
        Senior Quik Mail is like a wellness system for the 99% of the time that the senior does NOT need a panic button for emergency help.
        The senior feels more connected and the caregiver family member gains peace-of-mind without adding to their "to-do" list as they move through their busy day.
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