Senior Tablet PC Computers

Web TV on Senior Touch Screen Tablet

The internet offers most of the episodes of your favorite TV shows that you may have missed the first time around.  However, you might want to download the Netflix player and opt for a commerical-free subscription service movie.

Senior Tablet Computers

Movie Trailers and Internet Video

Want to take in a movie with a friend?  Check out all the movie trailers and show schedules on your tablet.  Or grab some popcorn and browse the thousands of videos you can watch right from your couch using the YouTube app that we have pre-loaded.

Senior Touch Screen Computers

Senior Streaming Radio on Touch Pad

We install an online radio module on your tablet so you can stream your favorite radio station anytime night or day.  Just enter your email address and choose your favorite music genres or artists.  Touch the button and enjoy.

Senior Touch Pad Tablet Computer

Books for Senior Tablet PC

Your senior tablet comes pre-installed with the Kindle Book Reader so that you can enjoy any of the thousands of books (many free) in the Amazon store.  You will love the auto-page-turning feature and the ability to adjust the size of the type for easy reading.

Senior Touch Screen Tablet Computer

Play Favorite Songs with Music Player from Senior Touch Pad.com

With a built-in music player, you can download your favorite songs from the internet.  Many songs are available for literally pennies a piece.  So you can rock-out with the provided headphones anytime and anywhere. 

Senior Touch Pad.com Computer Tablets

Online Games for Seniors with Senior Touch Screen Tablet

You will never lack for a new game to learn or play.  There are card games, board games, crossword puzzles, and bingo.  We have installed 6 games, voted the most-favorite by seniors, right on your home screen for easy access.  There are even games for the grandkids when they come to visit.

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Our goal is to get a useful personalized tablet pc into the hands of as many seniors as possible - especially those on fixed incomes - by providing the highest value at the lowest market price.   We will be known by our positive reviews as a company that stands behind
the products that we sell.
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