Easy Email for Senior Citizens

Easy-to-Use Email on Senior Touch Pad

We create a private Google account for you that gives you free email and access to over a million apps in the Google Play store. And in case you already have email, you can set up your email in a few minutes just by filling in a short form.  

Skype Internet Video Calling with Friends and Family

Video Chatting with Friends and Family

What's the next best thing to being there?  Talking face-to-face with your friends and family on your Senior Touch Pad.  We install the Skype service and the calls are totally free when calling other Skype subscribers.

Send Instant Text Messages From Your Touchpad Tablet

Send Instant Cell Phone Text Messages to Friends and Family

We also give you the ability to send and receive simple text messages from your tablet to any of your family, friends or caregivers. Set it up when you receive the tablet and you will be given a local phone number to receive text messages. 

Sharing Photos with Friends and Family

Photo Sharing with Senior Touchscreen Tablet pc

You will be able to share your favorite photos with your family and friends and they with you.  Maybe you live a little too far away to make that birthday party for your granddaughter.  Luckily she can send you photos and videos of the grand event.

Share your Calendar using your Senior Touch Pad Tablet

Share Your Calendar with Family

We set up a calendar for you to use for scheduling doctor appointments, church functions, outings with friends, etc.  You can even share your calendar with friends or family and each member can always be up-to-date with the others.

Senior Quick Mail - Send Instant One-Button Peace-of-Mind

You can send an unlimited number of instant one-button or voice-recorded emails to a designated caregiver or family member letting them know you are okay or have a need. For the 99.9% of the time that you do NOT need a panic button for emergency help.*

 Stay In-Touch with In-Touch Tablets for Senior Citizens

Mission Statement
Our goal is to get a useful personalized tablet pc into the hands of as many seniors as possible - especially those on fixed incomes - by providing the highest value at the lowest market price.   We will be known by our positive reviews as a company that stands behind
the products that we sell.
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