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  • Improve Memory Skills
  • Retain Alertness

Computer Games for Senior Citizens
Cognitive Skills
The Fun Way
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Tablet PC for Senior Citizens
Trains Your

And Dexterity
Favorite Card Games on Tablet PC for Senior Citizens
Enjoy FavoriteBoard and Card Games
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Senior Tablet PC Computer - No Internet Required
Use AnywhereWithout Internet
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Jigsaw Puzzles on Tablet PC for Seniors
Solve Awesome Jigsaw Puzzles300 Beauties
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Cognitive Development for Senior Citizens
Refresh Your StrategizingSkills
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Single Touch, Large Icons and Text for Senior Tablet PC
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Big Buttons for Senior Tablet Internet Access
Got Wi-Fi ?Wonderful !
  • Senior Content Browser
  • Email, Facebook, Video Chat,
    YouTube, Netflix, Etc.
  • Google Play Store for Apps,
    Music, Books, Movies & Games
Compliment Smartphone with Senior Gamer Tablet PC
Perfect Additionto Your Smartphone
Included Leatherette Carrying Case & Stand
IncludedLeatherette Case/Stand

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The Senior Tablet that Exceeds Expectations !

We were the first senior tablet on the market - about the time that tablets themselves were first introduced to the world. Since then, there have been many different senior offerings from huge, expensive desktop versions, to tiny, hard-to-see devices that dictate what content you have access to - some with massive monthly charges that never stop coming.

For a much better option, our Senior Gamer is a feature rich, inexpensive, open architecture, niche-based product designed for the full range of senior user needs. 1) The 10" screen allows for much better usability due to the larger canvas for input and display, big buttons and icons for easy selection, and general viewability without constant need to zoom in to every displayed page. 2) Having the ability to enjoy one's favorite games wherever they happen to be, (without the need to have Internet connection), is a huge benefit for seniors who otherwise might have a considerable amount of empty downtime. 3) Of course, the intended consequence of this device is that, just by its use, the senior will unknowingly be enhancing their cognitive functions to help them remain sharp during their golden years.

We have organized the Senior Gamer in such a way that makes it easy for the senior user to navigate right to where they want to go. And, although each person has a different learning ability, depending on their experience and capabilities, with the combination of our Getting Started documents, large print User Guide and on-board Slideshow, and video tutorials, they can become the masters of the new technology in no time. And if they, or a friend or family members, want to expand beyond what we have created for them, they can choose to add features and choose from more than a million addtional apps, programs, games, books, music, videos and movies by using the provided administrative tools.

Although the Senior Gamer is popular for those who don't want Internet or might live in a place without Wi-Fi access, there are those who want to send emails or get on Facebook occasionally - just to stay in touch. Or those who prefer to choose the information they are most interested in - not just what they are spoon-fed from a TV program. To that end, we have included complete access to the Internet with email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype video chat, YouTube and Netflix for starters.

And new this year, we have included direct access to our SENIOR BROWSER - an online program with Big Buttons that direct the user to the most popular and useful senior content on the Internet. Universal Internet access is also available. (We are not fans of forced censorship for adults.) There are even tutorial videos on how to setup Wi-Fi, if available, either at home or at the local Starbucks. Of course, if there is an administrator/caregiver/family member who chooses to lock out those features, they can password protect or eliminate access to them via our included instructions.

Who says you can't have it all?

Technical Details 
Tablet Hardware
  • Android Mobile O/S - Rooted
  • 2.0 GHZ ARM Processor
  • 2GB RAM Short Term Memory
  • 16GB ROM On-Board Memory
  • 10.1" 5-Point Capacitive Screen
  • 2.0 mpx Front Facing Camera
  • 5.0 mpx Rear Facing Camera
  • USB Port (Can Also Charge Tablet)
  • 1-HDMI Port (For HD TV Hookup)
  • 1-Stereo Headphone/Speaker Jack
  • 2-Built-in 1W Speakers
  • 1-Micro TF/SD Card Slot
  • 4-,8-,16-,32GB SD Card Option
  • Battery Li Poly 5-6 hours/charge
  • Fast 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Gravity Sensor for 3D Applications
  • Polished Enamel Aluminum Casing
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Announcing New Dual Mode Feature

Initially delivered to you with 100 programs installed behind an organized Multiple Desktop Screen configuration where all program genres (board games, brain games, sports, dexterity, personal, utilities, etc.) have their own screens.


If the senior user is not familiar with touch screen technology, has limiting abilities, or just prefers to see only a couple of their favorite games or apps, there is a button that will allow you to switch to a Single Desktop Screen approach. Just made for those seniors who would be content with only having their favorite apps front and center. Then, later, (or never), switch to the multi-screen setup for expandability. This mode can be switched back and forth at anytime. 

Have It Your Way!

- Now FAST Multi-Core!!
Installed Software
  • Google/Amazon App Marketplaces
  • Adobe Air App Support
  • Flash Player 11.1
  • Google Play e-Book Reader
  • Office Document Creator
  • Bingo
  • Blackjack
  • Checkers
  • Crosswords
  • Sudoku
  • Book Reader
  • Diary (Lockable)
  • Medication Reminders
  • Calendar
  • Dictionary
  • Timers/Alarms
  • On-Board User Guide Slide Shows
  • Training Video Tutorials
  • Etc. - See Pricing Page for List

  • Email and Gmail programs
  • Skype Video Chat
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Netflix and YouTube
  • Big Button Senior Browser
  • Etc. (See Full List on Pricing Page)

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