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Exercise Videos for Senior Touch Screen Tablet Computer

We keep you updated with exercise videos to help with physical conditioning and balance.  Beginners will appreciate a toned-down starter series, while buffed-up seniors will be challenged with a more rigorous program.

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Health Articles on Senior Tablet Computer

There is a seemingly endless supply of articles written about the benefits of good health habits.  We have narrowed the field to those most suited to our senior clients and keep you freshly updated with the latest wellness trends. 

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Medication Reminder for Senior Touch Screen Tablet PC Computer

Can't remember what medicines to take and when?  Med Minder never forgets and will beep softly at you until you take them.  Since it is a resident program, it will keep you informed wherever you go - with or without the internet.

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Eat Healthly with Links on Senior Touch Pad

"You are what you eat", they say.  So, unless you want to be a hamburger, check out some delicious recipes, articles and forums that will keep you at your physical peak with your weight down and your brain cells up.

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Medical Advice Online with Senior Tablet pc

While there is no substitute for a personal physical examination from your doctor, it can never hurt to educate yourself and to get information to discuss with your doctor.  Web MD is a great source for general medical information.

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Pre-Installed Brain Games for Senior Touch Pad Tablet pc

Like any other part of your body, the brain needs exercise to remain healthy. We install more than 30 fun cognitive enhancing games that will keep any senior sharp and at the top of their game. Got game?

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Our goal is to get a useful personalized tablet pc into the hands of as many seniors as possible - especially those on fixed incomes - by providing the highest value at the lowest market price.   We will be known by our positive reviews as a company that stands behind
the products that we sell.
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