Removable Bluetooth Keyboard for Senior Tablet pc


    Let's face it. Having an on-screen keyboard is really convenient when you need to type a password or search for something described with a couple of words, but a physical keyboard can't be beat when you want to type that long letter to an old friend.
    Now you have the option. Each Senior Touch Pad tablet comes with a Bluetooth keyboard and a leatherette carrying case/stand. Take the keyboard with you wherever you go, or just leave it at home by removing it from the case.

Having choices is great.
Keyboard Carrying Case Converts Into a Stand for Senior Citizen's Tablet


    Tablets are really great for watching streaming videos and movies, but you don't always want to hold it on your lap. Just use your carrying case and fold it to make a stand. Grab your popcorn, sit back in your chair and enjoy.
    Of course, since it looks like a netbook or laptop with your keyboard in place, you can use it pretty much the same way with the installed desktop Office programs to manage your finances, order your medications or just sort your recipes for the coming week.

Convenience to the max !
Senior Touch Pad Tablet Carrying Case With or Without Keyboard


    This attractive faux leather carrying case is just what the tablet doctor ordered for your touchpad wellness program. With your tablet in this case, it will be protected from most of the things that you thought would never happen. It will not only protect your touch screen from scratches or breakage, but it just looks cool.
    Your keyboard holds tight magnetically to the casing, but can be removed if you are traveling light, and the magnetic flap will hold everything in place until you are ready to rock.

Form follows function.
Powering On Your Senior Touchpad Bluetooth Keyboard


    Once your Bluetooth tablet is 'paired-up' with your Senior Touch Pad tablet, all you have to do is turn on the keyboard power button and hit any key on the keyboard. Your devices will now be communicating.
    So, how do you pair up these devices? Don't worry about it. We ship them already matched up and ready to use. It's just part of our service. Just make sure they are within about 10 feet of one another.

We do the work so you don't have to.
Keyboard Keys for Easy Book Reading


    Although your Senior Touch Pad tablet supports five-finger pinch and zoom touchscreen features, there are times, like when reading a book or an article on the Internet, that you want to sit back and just scroll down the page as you read. With the keyboard arrow keys, you can easily do just that.
    And, in case you get on one of those websites with non-stop video ads, there is a keyboard button that will immediately stop any app or annoying content.

Button, ... Who's got the button?
Connecting the Senior Touch Pad Keyboard to Another Computer


    The really nice thing about wireless keyboards is that they are, well, wireless. But since they have their own battery, because they need power, a wi-fi keyboard must poach power from your tablet battery and hog up one of the usb ports. NOT SO WITH BLUETOOTH.
    Your keyboard comes with a special charge cord that can charge from any other computer, your phone charger, or just plug into your Senior Touch Pad when it is being charged.

Now that's nice !

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