Seniors with Touch Screen Tablet PC




Best Referral Fees on the Internet

No Selling Required !!

Flat Referral Fee Per Order !!

No Inventory to Maintain
No Money to Handle
Market In Your Local Community


    Minimum Requirements..

    *   Gregarious, Outgoing Personality
*   Senior or Senior-Connected Lifestyle
*   Minimum Computer Skills
*   Ability to Purchase/Finance Demo Unit
*   Want or Need Additional Income
*   PayPal Account to Receive Payments
*   Desire to Help Our Senior Citizens
*   Self-Starter and Self-Supporting

Very Low Risk . .
There is no obligation on your part beyond the purchase of your personal senior tablet.
No quotas. No sales managers. No reports.
Just an opportunity.


*   Once approved and you purchase your personal system, you will be given a unique
9-digit alpha-numeric code your referral buyers will enter when they place their order. This will effectively be a Coupon Code for them, as they will get a discount for using it when they order.
*   We will supply a color flyer in a .pdf format that you can take to your local copy/print shop and duplicate for a small fee per page. These flyers will have your unique Coupon Code and, optionally, any personal or business information that you would like to include.
*   If you have or want to create a web site for local advertising, we can help with banner ads or direct order links for your web site.
*   When we receive an order with your Coupon Code, shipment and tracking information will be sent to the buyer with a copy to you, and an automatic payment to you will be setup through PayPal, (thus the reason we require you to have a PayPal account). We have a 30-day refund policy for all our products. All referral payments will be deposited on day 31.
*   Payments will be made for ALL orders that come in with your Coupon Code and are still active at the end of the refund period.


*   Demonstrate one-on-one with friends and aquaintenances.
*   Organize fee-based or free workshops and seminars (additional demo systems can be purchased at full discount including referral fees.)
*   Show at senior centers, churches, clubs, flea markets, swap meets, farmers markets, special events, tablet parties, Costco, Sam's Club, or other forums and gatherings - just use your imagination.
*  Display flyers wherever they are allowed - stores, bulletin boards, etc.
*   Blind telemarketing from mailing lists, affiliate advertising, etc., is discouraged and difficult to qualify your buyer. Your best buyers will come from face-to-face local contact, have some computer skills, and have wi-fi installed in their homes.
*   And, there are probably a thousand other ways to show the product that we haven't thought of.