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Senior Gamer

Senior Touch Pad

List Price $ 249.95 $ 299.95
10.1" Octa Core 2.0 GHz Tablet with Dual Cameras
1GB of RAM/16GB ROM/32GB Removable Card Option 
USB 2.0 Port/HDMI Port/Ext. Speaker-Headphone Jack
Fast 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Module


Android Moble OS (Rooted Version)
Adobe Air Turbo Cache Application
   Flash 11.1 Enhanced Version
   Google & Amazon App Marketplace Access
  Office Document Creator
   Google e-Book Reader
   Fun Cognitive Enhancement Games and Programs (50) (30)
   Medical Record and Medication Reminder System
   Add Bible Application Program (Option)
   On-Board User Guide Slideshows
   24/7 Customer Support Service via Email
   ez Email Setup (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Other)
   Netflix TV/Movie Player
   Skype Video Chat and SMS Messaging
   Dedicated Senior Content Browser
   Virus, Spam and Malware Scanner


   *Personalized/Localized Music Radio  
   *Audio Books Application  
   *Old Time Radio Programs  
   Personalized Senior Content Internet Browser  
   Localized News, Shopping, Weather & Maps  
   Urgent Alert Messaging System to Caregiver/Family  
   *Games and Books for the Grandkids  
   *SMS Text Messaging  
   Qwik-Mail One-Button Instant Email System (Optional)  
   *Photo and Calendar Sharing Applications  

                                          * - Can be downloaded and installed by user on Senior Gamer tablet.

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