Games And Dementia And Positive Cognitive Development


In addition to general improvement in cognitive retention, "When early stage and middle stage patients with dementia used serious games, they were able to improve a wide variety of cognitive abilities, including:
          *short-term memory
          *reaction time
          *problem solving
          *logical reasoning
Portability of Senior Touch Screen Tablets


Weighing less than a pound and with a 5-6 hour battery life, you can take it with you anywhere -- whether it is just to the bedroom or on a daily outing with your friends.
And while you can play games or read e-books virtually anywhere, you can get online anywhere there is WI-FI. There are even built-in maps, in case you need to know where you are.
Flexibility of Senior Touch Screen Tablet pc's


Already a pc user?  No problem.  You will appreciate the open architecture and the ability to add other programs (apps) that you want.  You will also appreciate not having to setup a new machine from scratch. 
And, having a stereo headphone jack, Bluetooth and a USB port, will open up a range of possibilities for connecting devices like TV's with Chromecast, flash drives or your audio system.
Setup and Software Installation Included on Senior Tablet pc


Your tablet will arrive fully charged and customized for your immediate use.  All games and other programs are organized by genre with navigation icons for getting around easily.

We even install a virus, spam and malware protector to keep your data safe.
Since we test every function before it ships, when your personal tablet arrives, just take it out of the box and turn it on. 

(There, you have just been completely trained.)
One Year Warranty Included


Although we test every feature of your tablet before we ship, sometimes computers just break on their own. 
If your personal tablet gets ill anytime within the first year of service, we will be happy to repair or replace it according to our normal warranty procedures as specified in our warranty description. 
As an option, we can hot-swap by sending you the new unit first and then you can return the original unit in its box. (This method requires a credit card authorization until we receive your unit.)
Companion Dog and Senior with Touch Screen Tablet


It is well-known that people who stay active and involved with friends and family simply live longer than those who don't.  Our goal is to get as many seniors as possible connected with the world outside their living room. 
In addition to the social benefits, seniors need to stay fit - not only physically, but mentally.  By providing tools such as exercise videos, health articles, medicine reminders, and mind-exercising games and books, we think that those who can purchase our product will simply get more out of life.

 Stay In-Touch with In-Touch Tablets

Mission Statement
Our goal is to get a useful personalized tablet pc into the hands of as many seniors as possible - especially those on fixed incomes - by providing the highest value at the lowest market price.   We will be known by our positive reviews as a company that stands behind
the products that we sell.