Hawaii Senior Tablet Computer  

Do people actually work in Hawaii?

Some do.  We do. However, living in Hawaii brought attention to the
fact that many retiring seniors who don't work and are living on their
own or in semi-assisted living arrangements feel isolated from their families - more by a matter of degree than by geographical distance.  Further research revealed that this is a multi-faceted problem which affects both seniors and their families who struggle with finding the
time for their loved ones.

To try to bridge this inherent generation gap, we wanted to make an easy-to-use, easy-to-see, easy-to-carry computer for those who are without a computer and for those who have one but are intimidated by its complexities.  Moreover, we wanted a communication tool that wasn't a phone.

Although many people from the "older" generation grew up computer-less, there are a good many of us who made our living over the years, in and around the computer industry.  With the growing bubble of retirees, (boomers and beyond), that are coming of age, we decided to develop a product for the non-computer-jocks to stay connected with their family, friends and the world around them, yet give the pc-literate folks a lot of expansion room.  So, out of that need, and with the help of a few available techno-geezers here in Hawaii, we set about to create what we think is an ideal product for its given purpose.   

One of our greatest challenges was to offer a 10" tablet at a price point that was affordable by almost any retiree on a fixed income.  With 10" general purpose tablets still out-of-reach price-wise for most seniors, we struggled to keep our margins and our operating costs low.  However, the result has been an overwhelming acceptance of this product by virtue of its overall value to the senior and to their families.   As for its intrinsic value: caregivers and family members tell us they get more peace-of-mind from a simple two line text message from their parent or client every day, than a long conversation once or twice a week.

We have now been making these tablets for over 10 years with the implied purpose of replacing mental idleness with interactive cognitive stimulation. Many customers have expressed how it has helped their loved ones become more bright and active - even those with beginning stages of dementia. These benefits are generally hidden from the users themselves who just play games and work puzzles for their own enjoyment. They love the tablet because it is fun and also gives them a feeling of accomplishment in keeping up with modern technology.

So, while this has been a great journey for those of us at In-Touch Tablets, there is a bit of complaining about not getting enough time on the golf courses.

Thanks for visiting our site.

The Geezer Guys


Mission Statement
Our goal is to get a useful personalized tablet pc into the hands of as many seniors as possible - especially those on fixed incomes - by providing the highest value at the lowest market price.   We will be known by our positive reviews as a company that stands behind the products that we sell.