Add The Bible To Your Senior Gamer Tablet ! 

Complete your purchase by adding the complete Bible to your Senior Gamer. Use it anywhere: at church, study groups, prayer meetings, or just lying in bed at night. Two complete versions with additional versions and study guides available for download at any time. Adjustable fonts, and day or nighttime fonts, make it ideal for aging eyes. 

ONLY $19.95!

    Bible for Your In-Touch Tablets, LLC Computer
  * Two Complete Bible Versions
  * Use Anywhere - Internet Not Required
  * Find Any Verse in 3 Touchscreen Taps
  * Compare Bible Versions Side-by-Side
  * Search Any Criteria - Names, Places, etc.
  * Adjust Font Size for Easy Reading
  * Reverse Font for Low-Light Reading
  * Hi-Lite and Make Notes for Bible Study
  * Audio Voice with 'Read-to-Me' Feature

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